Monday, June 25, 2012

I Need a Project

One of the earliest books I recall pouring through was a cookbook.  I even had to compete with Gremlyn for the book.  Sadly, after countless moves and countless relatives moving in with us, that book, along with some other things (toys, clothes, appliances... you know the drill) have become lost.  It didn't diminish my fascination with cooking though.  Cooking shows abound, even then, and the most popular, Wok With Yan, was a weekly family affair.

We would marvel at his skill at the skillet, tossing the food into the air, flambeing, making everything seem like magic.  We would applaud at his mastery with the knife, transforming mundane vegetables into mythical beasts and food containers.  I loved his execution and envied his passion for cooking.

I love the idea of cooking, but I seldom cook.   And thus, this project.

It's not about learning how to cook, because I know how, at least in theory.  All those years of watching cooking shows and reading cookbooks and magazines have prepared me for that.  The problem lies in the execution.

I can be careless and manage to burn the simplest of foods, even friend chicken.

I'm gonna conquer  this double-burner soon.

I am quite ambitious though and I know I will never learn to cook by doing simple dishes.  If I am to learn how to cook, then my projects need to be ambitious and elaborate as myself.  My spicy tuna pasta with mushrooms in paprika wouldn't do.  I need something grander.

I am thinking of a once a month affair initially, and as my skills increase, and my budgets improve, the frequency of cooking should increase as well.

Where do I start though?  What dish is worthy of my ego?

Any suggestions?


  1. Wok With Yan! Nice. I remember yung aprons nya paiba-iba per week, saka ang galing nyang mag-present ng food. =)

    Good luck sa project mong 'to. =)

    1. @ MisterSandiman: Yeah! Iba-iba nga ang message sa apron niya each week. In order to proceed with my project, I'm going to need a recipe. :-)

  2. Hmmm mukhang kakaririn na nga a!!! Yun mga luto sa topchef ganun gawin mo!

    1. @ Mac: Sa sunod na yung ganoong caliber ng dishes. I need something a little less complex, but certainly more sophisticated than hotdog omelette. :-)